SAGEON Research

  • School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Oceans and Natural Sciences (SAGEON) is headed by Prof Surendra Prasad. The administrative personnel that looks after its student is Mrs. Naomi Naliva (


  • The Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD) is a centre that was opened in response to the region’s need for further research of the environment. The goal is to empower the people of the Pacific with the knowledge to be able to adapt to the impacts of climate change and pursue sustainable development. Headed by Prof Elizabeth Holland, the Centre collaborates with university stakeholders as well as national, regional and international development partners across the CSO and NGO sectors. The Centre also works with regional governments in an advisory capacity, mainstreaming climate change and sustainable development into the development process. The Pacific region and individual island nations have made a strong commitment to international efforts to prevent further irreversible environmental change and to promote sustainable development by becoming a party to numerous international “Multilateral Environmental Agreements”. PaCE-SD is a partner in making those commitments a reality.

2017 – 2018 Postgraduate Research

  • This handbook contains the guidelines for an MSc and a Ph.D. student from the starting of their program to the end thereof.